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  Participating Servers

Tracking 33,520 players (+159 new players last 24h) with 1,383,421 kills (+7,015 last 24h) and 0 headshots (0.00%) on 1 servers
Server Load Graph
 Server  Address  Map  Played  Players  Kills  Headshots  HS:K
gflpvk [GFLClan.com]24/7 Island | Fast Respawn | Stats | FastDL | No Lag (Join) bt_island 1278:46:07 0/24 1,383,421 0 0.0000
Server Load Graph
 #  Player  Kills  Hs  HS:K  Acc  Lat  Time  +/-  Skill
  No Players
  Daily Awards (Sunday 23 Jul)

2 Handed Sword UkraineCumrade Kin (66 kills with 2 Handed Sword)
Barrel    No Award Winner
Berserker Axe Brazilteeu-santana (92 kills with Berserker Axe)
Best Latency United states﴾﴾ۣۜ HeWhoIsInTheWater (38 ms average connection)
Blunderbuss United statesTriskell (11 kills with Blunderbuss)
Boulder    No Award Winner
Captain's Cutlass UkraineCumrade Kin (36 kills with Captain's Cutlass)
Chest GermanyHeliopolis (1 kills with Chest)
Chest Captures United statesMaj 5150 24thBattalionCommander (40 chest captures)
Chest Defends Poland(1)Alucard (14 chests defends)
Completed Objectives Colombia[MR] Ñenga Chenga (143 completed objectives)
Crossbow Braziljuannunes (12 kills with Crossbow)
Crusher    No Award Winner
Cutlass CanadaSTEINER (92 kills with Cutlass)
Dominations UkraineCumrade Kin (28 dominations)
Drowned    No Award Winner
Explosion    No Award Winner
Falling    No Award Winner
Flames    No Award Winner
Flintlock Pistols United states﴾﴾ۣۜ HeWhoIsInTheWater (11 kills with Flintlock Pistols)
Freeze    No Award Winner
Gate Crush Korea, republic of[Terrorist] Annoying mdjse1한 (2 kills with Gate Crush)
Grail Defends    No Award Winner
Heavy Knight Bash Korea, republic ofgoat (1 kills with Heavy Knight Bash)
Heavy Knight Sword/Shield United statesKapi (17 kills with Heavy Knight Sword/Shield)
Hook UkraineCumrade Kin (2 kills with Hook)
Huscarl Axe Bosnia and herzegovinaHimari_S (68 kills with Huscarl Axe)
Huscarl Shield Bash BoliviaNo soy gay pero 100$ son 100$ (3 kills with Huscarl Shield Bash)
Huscarl Sword & Shield UkraineCumrade Kin (33 kills with Huscarl Sword & Shield )
Javelins United statesMaj 5150 24thBattalionCommander (24 kills with Javelins)
Kill Assists United statesm00kiemoo (3 kill assists)
Langseax & Shield United statesMaj 5150 24thBattalionCommander (7 kills with Langseax & Shield)
Long Bow Braziljuannunes (44 kills with Long Bow)
Most bonus points Colombia[MR] Ñenga Chenga (680 bonus points)
Most Kills UkraineCumrade Kin (317 kills)
Most Team Kills United statesThe Weekday (1 team kills)
Most Valuable Player United statesMaj 5150 24thBattalionCommander (2 times MVP)
Parrot United statesTriskell (13 kills with Parrot)
Parrot Killer Colombia[MR] Ñenga Chenga (26 parrots killed)
Physics    No Award Winner
Player Korea, republic of[Terrorist] Annoying mdjse1한 (1 kills with Player)
Powderkeg CanadaSTEINER (16 kills with Powderkeg)
Punch    No Award Winner
Revenge Colombia[MR] Ñenga Chenga (11 revenges)
Rocks    No Award Winner
Short Sword France☠☠miniPREDATOR☠☠ (14 kills with Short Sword)
shuriken    No Award Winner
Sliding Door    No Award Winner
Spear United statesMaj 5150 24thBattalionCommander (134 kills with Spear)
Spike    No Award Winner
Steam    No Award Winner
Sword & Axe United statesJiren (28 kills with Sword & Axe)
Throwing Axes UkraineCumrade Kin (13 kills with Throwing Axes)
Thrown Powderkeg    No Award Winner
Vultures    No Award Winner
World United states✪Ya boi Baraka Obama (1 kills with World)
Zerking Colombia[MR] Ñenga Chenga (2 kills with Zerking)

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